Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Everyone Ready to Party?

I'm not sure if anyone is checking the family blog anymore, since we've all been such slackers about posting. But we're in the home stretch for the family reunion this weekend, and in the midst of all the laundry/packing/cleaning that needs to be done in order for us to leave town, I'd just like to share some of the enthusiasm that is running rampant at our house in anticipation of this great event.

Topher: "Is my friend (interpretation: cousin) Jacob going to be on the airplane?"

Mom: "Yes, he will be on the airplane once we get to Utah."

Topher: "Oh ye-eh-eh-eh-eh-ah!" (accompanied by fist pump)

Hope you are all as excited as we are!


Karen said...

We loved seeing everyone at the reunion. I'm glad Topher and Jacob are such good friends. Thanks for being the only person to post on the blog!

pudge said...

Commenting late is better than not at all, right. Though I read the blog, I have not posted in a long, long time. The reunion was months ago now, but it was something I looked forward to, and was not disappointed in any way at all. It was wonderful to be together for a few days, to see how everyone helped out, to have fun talking and playing games, and to see how the children got along SO well. Here, the children keep asking when they will see their cousins again, and are very excited to have visitors coming over the next couple of months. Bethany, with her developing language skills, usually couches a cousin's name in the phrase "my Megan" or "my Adaline" or whichever cousin she is referring to is "my..." Thanks for setting up the blog, Karen, and for posting, Bekah. Don't abandon it. It's like a little piece of home. I miss all of you.