Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite Pictures

So I just commented on Karen's post and decided maybe I'll just post a few favorite pictures from the last few months. I hope I can figure out how this blog thing works (I had a hard time with the post I did last year).

Look what I can do! Chuck's sister, Cerah, showed me how to do this braid on Adaline back in June, but I thought I'd never be able to do it. Finally in August I tried and was successful. After the first time going out with this "do" Adaline loved the attention she got so much that she'll willingly try to sit still for her hair to be braided these days. I don't do it often, but it's a lot of fun when we do.

The kids were looking for ways to have fun while we were shoe shopping. I thought it made a cute picture. Just clowning around!

The kids planted and watered their own sunflowers this year with amazing results! We loved these enormous flowers. I had to measure them because I was so amazed- they were 11-12 feet tall!

I get the biggest kick out of Adaline's expression as she watched Chuck lick the drips off of her ice cream cone. We got homemade frozen custard from a local place after FHE one night.

I just love this picture because it's a classic. It's like the one on the book about motherhood that mom gave us a couple yers ago, but this was not staged.

Maybe I'm not as much of a ludite as I thought! That wasn't so hard after all!


Karen said...

Yay! A post with pictures! I'm glad people have been reading the blog. I love those crown braid things. So cute. Alas, I have no girls who will sit still that long to get their hair done, though.

Pictures of cousins makes me pine for another reunion.

Karen said...

p.s. I'm not sure who pudge is either, but I'm happy to have another reader of the blog. Pudge, reveal yourself!

Karen said...

Wait, I figured you out, pudge. Think initials plus the letter "u".

Mindy said...

cute pics, Linda!

Sad for a While said...


pudge said...

Yes, seeing these wonderful pictures makes me "pine" for another family reunion - hurry up, December, 2010! I don't remember how to post pictures either, not that I can remember how to download them onto the computer either1