Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Family History

I just spoke to Gan this afternoon. She told me a story which I recall hearing before, but did not remember well enough to recount on my own. It's a fun story and I want to record it, and I thought the family blog might be a great place for it.

When Dad was young, he was called by his middle name, Waddy, after his uncle, instead of by his first name, Tom. When he was in second grade he came home from school after their Valentine's Day celebration and announced that he did not want to be called Waddy anymore. When asked why, he poured out his bag of Valentine's from his classmates and said, "Look!" There on the cards were written, "Wooley, Whitey, Wally, Wendy..." you name it. All sorts of names that started with 'W' but not one that said 'Waddy.' And ever since he has been 'Tom' instead.

Also amusing was that having an Irish teacher with a thick accent, he read with an Irish accent himself during the second grade.

If you have family history stories you can share, I'd love to see them posted here. I know we have lots of great stories, but whenever my children ask for one, I draw a blank. Please share your stories for all of us to enjoy!

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Karen said...

Thanks for putting something on the blog, Linda. I vaguely remember Gan telling me the story about the Valentine's a long time ago, but I didn't know that Dad also used to read with an Irish accent. Funny.