Wednesday, March 3, 2010

About girl dogs and casting aspersions

Just a comment about Linda's story: Dad sometimes sings with an Irish accent, too.

When Rebekah was about 3 years old, she and Dad went for a walk around the block. When they returned home, Bekah said, "I saw a girl dog." I asked, "How do you know it was a girl?" She answered, "Because it had long hair!"

When Matt was only about 5, he ran upstairs to tell Dad that Linda had gotten into the fireplace to play. Dad asked, "Matthew, are you casting aspersions?" Matthew answered, "No, Dad. I didn't cast her in there; she got in herself!"

Today Bethany (just turned 3 last week) was running around the house singing over and over again, "I'm not a dog; I'm not a squirrel; I'm a girl."

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Karen said...

Hey! I haven't looked at the blog for a month. Thanks for the post of funny things, Mom.